2017 Volvo S90 Impresses Enthusiasts and Reviewers

The Volvo S90 is arriving this summer, and just like with the XC90 last year, drivers are chomping at the bit for their turn behind the wheel. Now, it's arrival is imminent, and automotive publications are getting their first chance to drive the Swede's latest flagship four-door. As for how it drives? Get ready for a treat.

Like the XC90 with which it shares its platform, the S90 offers a level of ride comfort, poise, and control that's impossible to find anywhere else in the segment. Better yet, thanks to the use of active noise cancellation and tight design, the cabin is quiet and serene. Like its aforementioned sibling, the S90 also uses the same T5, T6, and T8 Plug-in Hybrid trim levels, which offer 250, 316, and 400 horsepower respectively.

The S90 will arrive at our Peoria, IL dealership later this summer. To get your first taste of its abilities, contact our showroom and put down your name. As soon as it arrives in our new Volvo inventory, we'll contact you for a test drive.

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