Volvo Aims to Mitigate the Package Theft Epidemic

Volvo has partnered with Sweden startup Urb-it in an effort to alleviate the stress surrounding online ordering and delivery. Instead of primitive forms of online shopping and home delivery, you can place an order, choose Urb-it to get your items in two-hours -- or less --, Urb-it then uses a special order code to pick it up, and then delivers it to the trunk of your Volvo automobile.

Watch the video below to learn more about how it works.

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Volvo's new twin-engine T8 XC90 takes its power from the open road!

If you're interested in the future of the auto industry, we highly recommend you check this video out. Earlier today, Volvo released its "Highway Robbery" spot. As nefarious as the name may sound, we can assure you that only good things are going to come from this. In the video, Volvo aims to show off the capabilities of its brand-new twin-engine T8 XC90.


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Working Together is the Only Way to Bring Self-Driving Cars to Fruition

Volvo, along with many other automakers, has been working toward creating a full self-driving car for years. This would be a car that can perceive its environment with better acuity than human senses are capable of, with a computer that responds to driving situations with a sharper reaction time, better judgment, and more unwavering attention than a human.

In theory, self-driving cars could eliminate traffic accidents altogether.

However, it's a long and bumpy road ahead before automakers can even put wheels on the ground. Self-driving cars are largely tested on closed courses, with

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Categories: Astounded by All-New 2016 Volvo XC90

A full-size luxury SUV that's quite simply beyond compare, the spanking-new 2016 Volvo XC90 is a serious stunner.

And if you, for whatever reason, suspect the aforementioned sentiment is one born out of personal bias, we invite you to view the video below. As you'll soon learn, Managing Editor, Jodi Lai, is also among the XC90's staunchest supporters. Take a looksee:

The XC90 catalog is comprised of several distinctive drivetrain options. Certain to be one of the more popular picks, the engine of the entry-level T5 is altogether excellent. Paired with an eight-speed ...

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Luxury Sound System? Check.

Once upon a time, even the best, high-end automakers did not offer sound systems that could stand up to what third-party, aftermarket speakers could offer. This put audiophile car shoppers in a pickle -- deal with sub-par sound, or risk breaking warranty?

The times are fortunately changing, and now when you drive a luxury Volvo car, you get a luxury sonic experience to match.

Volvo has partnered with one of the most respected audio brands in the world, Bowers & Wilkins to bring you a 19-speaker surround sound system for the upcoming Volvo S90 sedan, and the Volvo XC90 crossover.

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XC90 Named Best-in-Class By Euro NCAP

Today, Volvo announced that the XC90 luxury SUV had earned the prestigious title of "Best-in-Class," from the European New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP), in not one, but two categories: Large Off-Road, and Overall Performance.

The premium SUV scored 100 percent in the Safety Assist Category, and 97 percent in the adult occupant protection category. The remarkable results reflect Volvo's strong commitment to safety systems innovation...

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Concept 26 Shows What a Self-Driving Car Could Look Like

Self-driving cars face a big challenge, reconciling people's desire to spend more time reading, making phone calls, or napping in the car with their desire to be in control.

No other concept that we've seen has addressed these as well as Volvo's Concept 26.

Concept 26 offers three distinct modes: Drive, Create, and Relax. Drive gives you full control-- you drive the car as normal. The other two put the vehicle on autopilot, and activate advanced display screens.

These interfaces let the driver know in advance what actions the vehicle is about to take, so you are…

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