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Effortless Style and Performance in the Volvo XC60

You have high expectations. That’s why the Velde Volvo Cars of Peoria sales team is pleased to introduce you to your next favorite crossover vehicle, the new Volvo XC60. You will travel throughout the region in style inside this sophisticated Volvo crossover.

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A Glimpse at Volvo's Future Plans For Safety

Volvo has made a big claim that in 2020, nobody will be seriously injured in a new Volvo.

Starting in 2017, a self-driving Volvo cars will hit the streets of Gothenburg with real drivers behind the wheel. These aren't trained test drivers, or engineers, or Volvo employees, but real end-users driving in real traffic conditions.

It's the first time anything like this has been attempted.

Volvo is working closely with the government to make sure that there are traffic laws in place that allow for autonomous vehicles. It's a joint effort, but well worth the collaboration.


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Volvo Does Throwback Thursday

It doesn't get too much more classic than this.



Check out those chrome-plated horns in the front! The PV654 was the deluxe version of the PV653, and came with the horns, two mounted spare tires, twin rear lights, and an upgraded interior. The PV653 and PV654 were, respectively, the third and fourth versions of the PV650 Series. In production from 1929-1937, the "P" and "V" stand for PersonVagn, which means "passenger car," the 6 for the six-cylinder engine, and the 5 for

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